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Wedges (Wedge Heel) is undoubtedly the best wear high-heeled shoes, the most comfortable. While men can not understand the beauty of the heel, Christian louboutin outlet dallas but comfortable to wear and can show high, it is definitely a woman of good partners. Wedge heel of the shoe is the focus of the whole pair of shoes. Followed by the fine should be paid attention to when choosing wedges than Christian louboutin outlet online store  coarse with good-looking, with higher than low and good-looking.

Short party with (Puppy Heel) refers to Christian louboutin outlet store the Heel about 2 inches high heels. This shoe with recreational feeling of restoring ancient ways, special hot in recent seasons. Designers have to keep up with the book in a small party!

Ambition of coarse shoes solved the Cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet problem to harness hate days, but this kind of shoe is not suitable for the ankle coarser of girl, it can let a person look bigger. This kind of thick with shoes pants than dresses look good.

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